Bureau Functions

Due Process in Jigawa State is part of an overall governance reform process aimed at ensuring effective and efficient service delivery. The Due Process compendium consists of the basic guidelines governing budget implementation in its totality from spending limits for the various spending units to procedures governing award of contracts for projects, services or procurements. The Functions are:
  • To regulate and set standards to enforce harmonized bidding and tendering process in the state;

  • To enforce general policies and guidelines on procurements of goods, services and construction works by all government agencies;
  • To monitor to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of all capital projects and procurements in the line with Due Process principles from point of contract award to the commissioning stage with proper documentations at all levels;

  • To vet and make recommendations on projects design, bills of quantities and other projects technical requirements and specifications prior to contracting and implementation;

  • To develop, update and maintain relevant database and technology for the state on all procurement by government agencies;

  • To provide relevant budget performance information in relation to progress on the execution of projects, procurements and service in the state to any interested persons and institutions within and outside government;

  • To uphold professional ethics and report erring procurement personnel, state government functionaries, departments and private sector companies and their personnel to relevant authorities for appropriate sanctions.